LEGAL DEPOSITIONS: Video coverage of testimony of a deponent or witness involved in a legal case. All depositions include a time/date window for reference, one operator with a camera package consisting of a camera, VCR, Tripod, Monitor, audio mixer, 4 wired lavaliere microphones and a backdrop.

FOCUS GROUPS: Video coverage of a selected group of people giving their views and opinions on a particular topic, product or issue. Camera package and operator are set up in a separate room with a client. The camera is shooting through a one-way mirror facing another room with the selected group of people in that room. One operator with an equipment package consisting of a camera, VCR, tripod, monitor and an audio mixer receiving an audio feed from the hidden mirophones located in an adjacent room.

Rates for these services are charged by the Hour, arrival to departure, original tape included (Both depositions and focus groups carry a 3 hour minimum).
WEDDINGS: For every Wedding, we use 3-chip digital cameras to capture exceptional detail. For the ceremony, we clip a wireless microphone on the groom and the officiant for superior sound. In addition, we capture all the special events that happen during the reception using a camera light (if needed) and a wireless hand-held microphone to interview relatives and friends. We also get a direct wireless audio sound feed from the DJ for the toasts and music.
VIDEO PRODUCTION: A custom video presentation for marketing, education or training purposes, We work with you in developing a quality video program to meet your requirements in sending the right message to the intended audience. To ensure your video contains the right message, contains solid audience impact and conveys what you want, we follow a planning methodology that includes your participation. A script determines the actual video scenes shot, and is a collaborative effort involving the creation of images and sound gbytes that provide an audience with a clear message based on our particular requirements. Final editing arranges the video, sound, titles and effects according to the script. Your cost of the final video is specified in our proposal and is based on our treatment plan and your total requirements and has no bearing on the running time of the video.